Hendrickson Suspension Bushing Master Kit With Pum

Hendrickson Suspension Bushing Master Kit With Pump

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Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces service time to remove and install HD rear suspension bushings substantially
  • Works on Hendrickson Primaax EX, Comfort Air and FCCC V-Ride (TM) Pivot and D-Pin suspension bushings
  • Tool mounts to suspension for less weight to hold
  • Tool includes adapters to align it to bushing axis to reduce likelihood of improper installation
  • Includes a high force 25-ton cylinder for hard-to-remove bushings. Also includes the OTC Stinger Series 2510A Air/Hydraulic Pump, with a Hose and Coupler

This all-new rear suspension bushing tool for Heavy Duty vehicles makes Pivot and D-pin bushing removal and installation easier tasks.  Because the patented design allows the tool to be mounted to the suspension piece, the weight of the tool does not need to be held in place during operation.  It also includes centering adapters that align the tool and reduce the likelihood of bushing damage or improper installation.  With the included OTC 4106A 25-ton cylinder, even bushings covered in road dirt and salt are easy to replace.  

This master kit version of the tool includes an OTC Stinger Series 2510A Air/Hydraulic Pump and the needed hose and couplers to makes it ready to use right out-of-the-box.


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