GO1 Starter

The GO1 Pro is a personal quadruped robot that will travel anywhere with you and can be used as a companion to carry small items or protect a lone jogger or walker. This package is perfect for teaching robots and introductory programming to middle school and early high school students.

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Perfect for Middle School and Lower High School, the curriculum in this package includes the following units:

  • Intro to Quadruped Robots
  • Robot Agility and Recovery
  • Autonomous Control
  • Introductory Python Programming

The GO1 Pro quadrupedal robot in this package includes:

  • Human Recognition
  • Intelligent Side Follow
  • Full-view Coverage
  • Five Cameras
  • AI Processing
  • 3 Hypersonic Sensors
  • Object Avoidance
  • Max Speed over 10 mph
  • Strong and Reliable Power System
  • 10 lb. carrying capacity

Note: This package does not include access to ports or secondary development applications.

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