This is our featured robot for colleges, universities, technical centers, and upper high school courses. The SES STEMbotics Curriculum is included in our education package and is designed to help students work with community partners to address real world problems with the robot.

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Appropriate for upper high school, career and technology centers, colleges and universities. This model includes:

  • All features of the GO1 EDU Basic
    • Human Recognition
    • Intelligent Side Follow
    • Full-view Coverage
    • Five Cameras
    • AI Processing
    • 3 Hypersonic Sensors
    • Object Avoidance
    • Max Speed over 10 mph
    • Strong and Reliable Power System
    • 10 lb. carrying capacity
    • Smart Camera*1 Unit (Depth camera)
    • Real-time HD video transmission
    • Support secondary development (High-level and low-level real-time API)
    • Human follow, Body recognition, Depth perception
    • 1 extra unit battery
  • Advanced programming, AI, and research features
    • Multiple ports for input and output devices
    • Research API
    • C++ API
    • Lidar
    • NXDIA Artificial Intelligence Module
      • Gesture Recognition
      • Skeletal Recognition
    • Visual SLAM (leverages 3D vision for location and mapping functions)
    • 4G and 5G
    • Foot Force Sensor
    • Multi-function Extension Interface

Sample Curriculum – Units Outline

SES continues to expand the curriculum package for all robots, adding chapters and units at no extra charge. And during the on-site professional development training they offer, they work with teachers to determine what units and chapters best fit the courses in which they are using the robots and determine modifications that might need to be made to the standard curriculum to customize to their needs.

Unit 1: Intro to Quadruped Robot

  • Robot Operations
  • Robot Simulator
  • Robot Vision
  • Robot Movements
  • Robot Balance

Unit 2: Quadruped Robot for Security

  • Recording and Storing Robot Video
  • Creating and Storing Surveillance Path
  • Object Avoidance
  • Unit Challenge – Design a surveillance path for the robot to monitor school halls

Unit 3: Quadruped Robot for Logistics

  • Robot Carrying Capacity
  • Attaching Items to the Robot for Delivery
  • Unit Challenge – Design a program and an appropriate delivery attachment for the GO1 Pro to deliver items for your school or for a local business

Unit 4: Programming in C/C++ with Robot SDK

  • GO1 Pro SDK
  • Basic Commands
  • Controlling Motors
  • Controlling Sensors
  • Reading Inputs
  • Unit Challenge – Write a program in C/C++ to have the GO1 Pro perform a simple dance

Unit 5: Commercial Application

  • Identify a Business Partner
  • Identify Task for the GO1 Pro to Help Partner
  • Design Solution Using the GO1 Pro
  • Test the GO1 Pro with Partner
  • Evaluate Solution
  • Create Report
  • Present Report

Additional Available Units Include:

  • Adding Inputs and Output Devices
  • Object and Human Recognition
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Carrying Payloads
  • Commercial Applications

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