Genisys EVO™ Scan Tool Deluxe with USA 2012 Kit with Domestic / Asian / ABS and Heavy Duty Standard Software

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Features and Benefits:

  • Includes the NEW Genisys EVO featuring System 5.0 with Code-Assist™
  • NEW USA 2012 Domestic / Asian with ABS software including Pathfinder
  • BONUS USA 2011 European software
  • Heavy-Duty Standard software with cables
  • European 2011 Software installed

Includes Genisys EVO featuring the NEW System 5.0 with Code-Assist™ experienced-based Confirmed Fixes™ from Identifix®, NEW USA 2012 Domestic / Asian with ABS and European 2011 software including Pathfinder, Repair-Trac®, Fast fixes™ information, Heavy-Duty Standard software with cables, InfoTech Component Information software, Automated System Test™, OBD II Smart Cable, USA Domestic OEM vehicle cables (for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Saturn), manuals, and carrying case.

*New Genisys owners will receive a free Software confirmation message at end of the registration process – no coupon to fill out, no proof of purchase nor envelope to mail. Qualifying Genisys owners are asked to return to the registration site to download the software and unlock code immediately when available – no waiting for a package to arrive. New 2013 Domestic / Asian and 2012 European expected release approximately January 1, 2014. Check the server often!

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