The ConsuLab EC-200-30 Gasoline Direct Injection System cutaway trainer is designed from the ground up to provide instructors with a great visual learning tool to assist in teaching students the GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) fuel system. Provides totally visibility of all GDI components that have been cutaway to show internal construction, components and operation. All components are taken from a Hyundai G4FD engine.

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Educational Advantages

  • Educational Advantages
  • Reinforces visual and “hands-on” learning strategies
  • Using cutaway components allow students to “see” component construction design and operation
  • Frame design allows easy trainer rotation to view all sides of cylinder head and components
  • Removable HP pump cover allows students to view internal operation
  • Included special designed GDI piston


Included Components

  • Cylinder head with intake & exhaust valves showing intake and exhaust ports (cutaway)
  • Intake and exhaust camshafts and followers (cams can be rotated)
  • Cam VVT system with hydraulic control valve
  • 4 GDI fuel injectors (1 cutaway for internal component viewing)
  • Stainless steel GDI fuel rail (cutaway)
  • 2- CMP sensors
  • GDI HP pump with control solenoid (cutaway with removable top components)
  • 1- GDI piston mounted below one combustion chamber (swivels to allow student viewing of design


Key Product Features

  • Takes the “mystery” out of GDI fuel system operation
  • Allows instructors to show internal components of a GDI fuel system without visibility access difficulties
  • Compact
  • Frame design allows students to rotate trainer for safe viewing all sides of cylinder head
  • Many different operational concepts can be covered using this product.
  • Use actual vehicle GDI fuel components

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