Fire Alarms Training System

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The Fire Alarm Training Systems of the 46103 series are hands-on training tools designed to form students in preparation for a career as fire alarm technician. These systems faithfully reproduce an environment where students can develop their skills in the installation and wiring of fire alarm systems. Two systems are available: the Conventional Fire Alarm System, Model 46103-A, and the Addressable Fire Alarm System, Model 46103-B. Each system mainly consists of a fire alarm control panel, an auxiliary panel, initiating devices including fire alarm stations, heat and smoke detectors, notification appliances including horns, and accessories. The devices mount in electrical boxes attached to four wood panels that can be fixed to a wall or to an optional Mobile Workstation. Connections are made using fire alarm shielded cables running in EMT conduits. Student learning is based on practical hands-on tasks. The main objectives are the reading of fire alarm schematic diagrams, wiring, component installation, the configuration of fire alarm control panels, and testing system operation.

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