FACET Electronics Training System

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Complete, modular training

The Fault-Assisted Circuit Electronics Training (FACET) Electronics Training System is based on a program consisting of courses carefully designed to foster recognition, understanding, experimentation, troubleshooting, application, design, and evaluation of analog and digital electronics circuitry.

The complete learning solution encompasses four areas of study:

  1. Basic Principles of Electricity and Electronics
  2. Digital and Micro-processor Electronics
  3. Industrial Electronics
  4. Communications Systems

Hands-on learning

FACET incorporates built-in circuit modification and fault- insertion training capabilities. Students perform experiments on a wide range of analog and digital electronics and electricity training modules that combine theory and application with prac- tical skills training techniques. Each module connects with a base unit that distributes power and controls the circuits on the board. A complete training sta- tion consists of training hard- ware (any one of the modules, plus a base unit and accessory kit), instruments, and student manual or MindSight Learning Content Management System with the eSeries courseware.

Several delivery modes

FACET is delivered in a standard, paper-based curriculum. It is also offered as an E-Learning courseware through the LCMS MindSight.

When combined with the LCMS MindSight® and eSeries courses, FACET becomes a totally connected learning system for electronics, with all the computer- based learning advantages.

FACET is suitable for a multi- tude of training purposes in educational, industrial, and military training laboratories.

Total program duration is approximately 400 hours.

Main features

  • Durable construction where components are capable of thousands of cycles of operation
  • All circuits and components capable of withstanding any combination of voltage or connections from the base unit
  • Voltage regulation and pro- tection against over-voltage and short circuit conditions
  • Gold-plated zero insertion force (ZIF) connector technology
  • Silk-screened circuit and component identification
  • Minimal wiring required; saves lab time
  • Variety of industrial-grade components provide broad, hands-on, real-world training experience

Modules currently available

  • DC Fundamentals
  • DC Network Theorems
  • AC 1 Fundamentals
  • AC 2 Fundamentals
  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Transistor Amplifier Circuits
  • Transistor Power Amplifiers
  • Transistor Feedback Circuits
  • Power Supply Regulation Circuits
  • FET Fundamentals
  • Thyristors and Power Control Circuits
  • Operational Amplifier Fundamentals
  • Operational Amplifier Applications
  • Digital Logic Fundamentals
  • Digital Circuit Fundamentals 1
  • Digital Circuit Fundamentals 2
  • 32-Bit Microprocessor
  • Analog Communications
  • Transducer Fundamentals
  • Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  • Generator Buffer
  • Digital Communications 1
  • Digital Communications 2
  • Motors, Generators, and Controls
  • Fiber Optic Communications
  • Power Transistors and GTO Thyristors
  • Communications Transmission Lines
  • Microcontroller System
  • Development
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • Breadboard
  • Microprocessor Application Board

FACET with Tec2Screen and CAN Bus

Learn how you can use the FACET microcontroller board 91030 to control a typical everyday life simulation running on Tec2Screen: the traffic light. See how two FACET workstations can be combined with each other using a CAN Bus network. The application synchronizes the FACET Microcontroller boards to control traffic lights on a major boulevard.

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