CLICK HERE TO DEMO A LEARNING MODULE   Includes 15 learning modules for a total of 17 hours of instruction.   The CAN bus Multiplex Trainer consists of a practical set-up and the associated E-learning. The Trainer has a completely functioning CAN bus network consisting of four control modules, which communicate via the J-1939 protocol. The CAN bus components are connected to each other using the associated wiring set. By operating switches and sensors, analogue signals are converted to (digital) serial communication. Via measuring connections, both analog and digital signals can be measured with a multimeter or oscilloscope. In addition, sensor values can be read via the information display. The Trainer has a fault box with 12 faults and a CAN bus controlled lighting system. This makes the Trainer extremely suitable for teaching CAN bus networks, CAN bus communication, CAN bus diagnosis and CAN bus lighting systems.   CLICK HERE FOR THE MAIN PRODUCT PAGE

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Through the preparatory theory and practical assignments, the participant learns:

  • Theoretical knowledge about CAN bus communication systems.
  • To identify the function and applications of the various CAN bus components.
  • To connect the CAN bus network step by step.
  • To measure, analyse and evaluate the power supplies, grounds, signal voltage and network resistances using a multimeter.
  • To measure, analyse and evaluate the CAN bus signal using an oscilloscope (1-channel and 2-channel).
  • To measure the wake-up signal and explain its function.
  • To observe the applications and benefits of serial communication (sharing information).
  • To apply and explain different network structures (topology).
  • In-depth knowledge about serial communication by decoding a CAN bus message.
  • To identify and explain various wiring problems and network failures using an oscilloscope (1-channel and 2-channel).

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