CLICK HERE TO DEMO A LEARNING MODULE Includes 18 practical learning modules for a total of 19 hours of instruction.   The Fuel Injection and Engine Management Trainer consists of a practical setup and the associated E-learning. With this practical setup, the participant can supplement previously acquired knowledge about the engine management system with practical skills. The set-up has a fully functioning engine management system, but at the same time offers the advantage of a safe learning environment. All relevant components are present and function just like in a real vehicle. Due to the presence of control buttons, sensor values can be changed and the system will respond to this. This allows the functioning of the system (cause and effect) to be experienced and understood. Because the Trainer has a Break-out box with measurement connections and an OBD plug, students can perform measurements on the system using a multimeter, oscilloscope or diagnostic tester.

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Through the preparatory theory and practical assignments, the participant learns:

  • To recognize sensors and actuators.
  • To understand the operation of sensors and actuators.
  • To read electrical diagrams.
  • To carry out measurements and checks on sensors and actuators by applying a diagnostic tester, multimeter or oscilloscope.
  • To analyze and draw conclusions from measured values.
  • To understand and explain the operation of an engine management system.
  • To understand the structure and operation of control loops.
  • How the engine control module processes signals.
  • How the engine control unit detects any failure.
  • To investigate and explain a number of operating modes

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