CLICK HERE TO DEMO A LEARNING MODULE Includes 8 practical assignment modules for a total of 9.5 hours of instruction.   The Electude courseware for ConsuLab’s Speed and Position Sensors Trainer consists of a practical set-up and the associated E-learning. With this practical set-up, the participant can supplement previously acquired knowledge of sensors with practical skills. The practical set-up contains four sensors for determining speed and position; inductive, Hall, MRE with internal and MRE with external magnet.

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Through the preparatory theory and practical assignments the student learns:

  •  How to manage the multimeter and oscilloscope.
  • Concepts such as amplitude, frequency and pulse width modulation.
  • Which checks apply to the relevant sensor with multimeter and oscilloscope .
  • To recognize and analyze voltages and signals.
  • What effect speed, sensor wheel shape, air gap, resistance in cabling have on the signal.
  • What this effect on the signal can mean for the functioning of the vehicle and therefore for the customer.

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