CLICK HERE TO DEMO A LEARNING MODULE Includes 24 learning modules for a total of 25.5 hours of instruction.   The Automotive lighting system Trainer consists of a practical setup and the associated E-learning. The practical setup consists of three panels with all components that represent the lighting system of a vehicle. The components are connected to each other using the corresponding wiring set. In addition, the set-up is extremely suitable for teaching diagnostic work. Through guided troubleshooting and 12 work orders (incl. Complaint description) practical situations are simulated in which the participant can practice in a safe learning environment.   CLICK HERE FOR THE MAIN PRODUCT PAGE 

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Through the preparatory theory and practical assignments, the participant learns:

  • To recognize the function and applications of the various components.
  • To identify components of the lighting system.
  • To connect the lighting systems step by step using an electrical diagram.
  • To test the lighting system and take simple measurements on it.
  • To carry out a V4 measurement for diagnostic work
  • To carry out a current measurement on the lighting system.
  • To predict measured values.
  • To analyse measured values.
  • Guided fault finding.
  • Finding a failure on the basis of a complaint description and work order (12x).

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