Dual Temperature Refrigerator Skills Trainer

The Dual Temperature Skills Trainer (3413-2) provides a basic understanding of a two-stage cooling system such as that found in a typical two-compartment refrigerator. One compartment serves the purpose of a freezer while the other serves as a constant temperature cooler. The trainer includes a hermetic compressor, liquid receiver, forced-air condenser, two forced-air evaporators, thermostat controlled solenoid, filter dryer, and liquid indicator. These components are panel mounted and stored on a mobile rack. The control panel includes a power switch, compressor switch, evaporator fan speed controls with indicator lights, and power breaker.

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The Dual Temperature Skills Trainer is designed to teach the basic skills of wiring, piping, evacuating, charging, testing, and troubleshooting. It is designed to be assembled, tested, and disassembled by one or two students performing a series of tasks.

Features & Benefits

  • Components are mounted and stored on a mobile rack with main control panel
  • Control panel features main input breaker switch, compressor breaker switch, duplex receptacle and dual evaporator fan speed controls with indicator lights
  • Contains all major components found in a two-stage cooling system, including a hermetic condensing unit, two forced-air evaporators, two adjustable thermostatic expansion valves, low-pressure controller, thermostat-controlled solenoid, filter dryer, and moisture/liquid indicator
  • Shipped in kit form, partially assembled
  • R-134a Refrigerant

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