Diesel Scope Advanced Oscilloscope Kit

The Diesel Scope is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope geared for the heavy-duty diagnostics community. Diesel Laptops has partnered up with the leading manufacturer in automotive oscilloscope technology to bring the first Heavy vehicle and equipment geared oscilloscope to the market.

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What is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope?

A digital Storage oscilloscope or DSO is a tool that is used to diagnose electrical problems that cannot normally be seen with a standard automotive multimeter. A DSO allows a technician to capture voltage readings over a period of time and view that information graphically. This allows the technician to get very detailed in their diagnostics and find issues that cannot normally be seen with a standard diagnostic tool. If you were to think of a normal handheld multimeter as a film camera that takes in a small amount of light to create a picture, then you can think of an Oscilloscope as a High definition video camera that lets you take detailed information over an extended period of time!

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