DEF Electric Pump Drum Kit with Dispenser Coupler

DEF Electric Pump Drum Kit with Dispenser Coupler

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Features and Benefits:

  • Self-priming pump design gets the pumping started easily
  • Built-in thermal overload protection keeps motor from being damaged by excessive use
  • Mounting bracket allows for secure mounting of pumping equipment to drum
  • Dispenser Coupler keeps DEF concentration from being affected by moisture in the air
  • Nozzle holder, inlet hose 4 foot and outlet hose 6 foot

The Electric DEF Pump Drum Kit quickly transfers fluid from DEF totes to barrels. The kit includes everything needed to pump DEF into barrels for easier transport and refilling of vehicle systems. It includes the OTC 4338 Electric Pump, a manual nozzle, hoses and brackets to mount to a standard DEF tote.  Additionally, it includes the OTC 4333 Dispenser Coupler to keep moisture out of the container, maintaining high levels of DEF concentration and fluid effectiveness. (Drum and tote not included.)

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