CIROS VR takes the power of the CIROS simulation software and creates life-sized, digital twin representations, enhanced with process information that is generated in real-time, create innovative, immersive learning environments. The VR experience allows learners to visualize and understand complex and unfamiliar technologies and systems, easing the acquisition of concepts that often elude learners in classical teaching approaches.

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  • Real-time, interactive, 3D simulations
  • Leverages VR for efficient and motivating learning
  • Virtual commissioning enables quick familiarization training
  • Pre-configured training equipment and scenarios
  • Interfaces to all major CAD and 3D geometrical files
  • MES4 and cyber-physical systems are optional

Enabling VR in CIROS®

CIROS® is the universal, 3D virtual commissioning software program for factory automation and robotics. Thanks to the VR simulator integrated into CIROS® software, a simple button-click sends learners to a 3D world, simulating complex factory automation equipment, mechanisms, and processes – without any risk to people or equipment – and allowing location-independent learning.

Hardward Specs

Recommended specifications to run the CIROS® VR simulator at high fidelity (90fps):

  • Intel Core i5 7th Generation or equivalent
  • 8 GB, 200 GB SSD or better
  • NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 (for normal environments)
  • NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 (for large environments)
  • Windows 10 64-Bit
  • HTC Vive VR-Headset (tested and recommended)
  • CIROS® supports OpenVR through Steam

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