BLDC Motors and Vector Control PMSM Drives Training System (8010-J)

The BLDC Motor and Vector Control PMSM Drives Training System introduces the student to the permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM). This type of machine is used in a wide range of modern applications such as computers, household appliances, and electric vehicles. The training system covers the operation and characteristics of two types of motor that use PMSM technology: the brushless dc (BLDC) motor and the PMSM drive. It also deals with the most common types of modulation used to implement BLDC motors (six-step 120° modulation and six-step PWM) and PMSM drives (vector control).

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Features & Benefits

  • Self-learning curriculum complete with the necessary theory and hands-on experiments
  • All control of power electronics devices is computerized via LVDAC-EMS software, allowing for quick setup and easy monitoring
  • Totally safe and sturdy working environment with a complete and automatic grounding of all components
  • Top-of-the-line data acquisition measuring tools designed to enhance the learning approach and reduce setup time
  • Versatile power electronics modules (IGBT) easily reconfigurable in multiple different controllers

Topic Coverage

  • Fundamentals of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
  • PMSM Control Using a Three-Phase, Six-Step 120 Degrees Modulation Inverter
  • The BLDC Motor: Operation, Encoder, Torque Ripple, Speed Control, Direction, Operation in the Four-Quadrant, Control Methods, …
  • The Vector Control PMSM Drive: V/f ratio, Encoder, Speed Control, Torque Control, Vector Control in the Four Quadrants, Regenerative Braking, …

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