28″ Swing Arm Tire Changer, Air Turntable

28″ Swing Arm Tire Changer, Air Turntable

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Features and Benefits:

  • Large Clamping Capacity – Maximum capacity of 28"
  • Stable Design – Extreme structural rigidity by virtue of the patented G-Frame design greatly reduces mount/demount head flexing which essentially eliminates damage to wheels and tires
  • 4-Point Adjustable Bead Breaker – Performs up to 40% better than benchmark competition. This optimizes force and speed resulting in less demand for air consumption

    ·   12"-28" external clamping

    ·   13"-32" internal clamping

    ·   14" max wheel width

    ·   47" max wheel dimension

    ·   28" turntable

    ·   110v 1Phase 60Hz

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