2-kW Electromechanical Training System

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The 2-kW Electromechanical Training System is a unique modular program in electric power technology consist- ing of several modules, which can be grouped to form four subsystems dealing with the different techniques associated with the generation and use of electrical energy. The system simulates large power machines, yet is very safe for student experimenta- tion. It incorporates heavy-duty com- ponents and machines that can be combined to create different configu- rations tailored to technical or univer- sity courses. Also available is the 2-kW DFIG Generator Laboratory Kit (8013-A) designed for customers that are interested in further experimenta- tion with the doubly-fed induction generators used in wind turbines.

Topic coverage

  • 2-kW EMS – Modularized
  • Power Circuits
  • DC Machines
  • Transformers and AC Machines

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