2-kW Electric Power Transmission Training System

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The 2-kW Electric Power Transmission Training System uses hands-on exercises to teach the principles of trans- mission of electric power. This turn- key training equipment maximizes hands-on involvement with the subject matter. The instructor can select specific experiments that will satisfy the objectives of technical courses or university programs. The system provides laboratory results that are easy to understand, with data values that are easily observed. The data, when applied to formulas, provide results that verify electrical laws rather than deny them because of large operational tolerance errors.

Topic coverage

  • Power Measurements
  • Voltage Regulation and Power Transmission Capability of a Transmission Line
  • Shunt Capacitors and Phase Angle Between Sender and Receiver
  • Parameters Affecting Active and Reactive Power Flow
  • Power-Handling Capability and Parallel Lines
  • Effects of Series Compensation on the Voltage Regulation and Power Factor
  • The Alternator
  • The Synchronous Motor
  • The Synchronous Compensator and Long High Voltage Lines
  • Transmission Line Networks and the Three-Phase Regulating Auto-transformer
  • Hunting and System Oscillation • Power System Transients

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