As a leading global supplier in automation technology and the market leader in technical education, Festo combines multifaceted, educational expertise with deep-rooted manufacturing know-how.

from industry – for industry

As a global leader in the automation industry, Festo is the perfect partner when it comes to developing a forward-thinking training program. They offer complete turnkey solutions and services in a wide range of technologies, tailored to your requirements and objectives.

Learning systems

Our comprehensive training solutions range from individual learning systems, complete workstation systems, training packages, and training factories, to software, eLearning, and courseware. Designed for a wide range of technology fields, our solutions cover your specific training needs and help you convey complex subject matter in a clear and practical way.

Introducing Festo LX

A digital learning portal that gives you the freedom to create a customized learning experience as individual as you are.

Through digitalization, we are in a profound transformation process that is changing the way we communicate, work, and learn. Where the possibilities change, the demands on learning and teaching also do. Existing eLearning offerings in technical education neglect an essential aspect: the ability to adapt learning content to individual program needs. Festo LX closes this gap. 

The portal is based on multimedia learning nuggets that can easily be adapted and combined to form individual learning paths. In this way, courses can be perfectly tailored to the individual needs of teachers and learners. Through the smart combination of eLearning courses and practical exercises, students ensure their employability in the high-tech industry.


The Festo LX digital learning experience portal offers content in many technical areas, combining their industry expertise with didactic know-how to create unique learning experiences.


Like the corresponding hardware training systems, the curriculum is modular and can be customized to meet your program's unique training needs.


Curriculum is available by subscription on any device or through a one-time purchase for a set of PDF manuals which can be reproduced for student and instructor use via a site license.


Curriculum is available on the all new Festo LX, an online portal for teachers and learners to access and create a customized learning experience.

Industry 4.0 platforms

Festo’s cyber-physical learning and research platforms, CP Lab and CP Factory, provide fundamental and in-depth knowledge of fully-automated digital production technologies, as well as the layout and programming of digital equipment networks. The individual modules of these platforms model the workstations of actual production systems to provide hands-on experience with the many technology areas associated with the operation and continuous optimization of networked systems.


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