Refrigeration Training System (Compact)

The compact Refrigeration Training System is designed to teach refrigeration fundamentals. It demonstrates the operation of typical refrigeration circuits using industrial and commercial devices. The compactness of the training system allows its placement on a table or a bench, reducing the floor space requirements. It integrates instrumentation and process control components, as well as an electrical control panel. Instructors can insert faults to teach troubleshooting. The training system features a powerful data acquisition system whose tools enable students to easily monitor operating conditions in real-time to provide key information, simplifying system troubleshooting and performance analysis.

Topic coverage

  • Refrigeration Fundamentals and Components
  • Enthalpy Diagram
  • Electrical Control of Refrigeration Systems
  • Pressure and Temperature Control in Refrigeration
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve Adjustment
  • Troubleshooting

Main features

  • Cooling chamber enclosing a forced-air evaporator
  • Air-forced condenser with variable speed fan
  • Thermostatic expansion valve and two capillary tubes of differing lengths to compare the coefficients of performance obtained with different metering devices
  • Electronic pressure control with LCD display
  • Thermostatic control; pressure control
  • Heat load simulation
  • Transducers used to acquire data at the critical points of the system
  • Conditioning of the compressor voltage and current
  • Integrates a powerful data acquisition system – LVHVAC software – for real-time monitoring