Protective Relaying Training System

The Lab-Volt 0.2-kW Protective Relaying Training System, Model 8007, is an innovative system that extends training in protective relaying beyond the operation and calibration of individual relays into broader circuit applications. The system provides hands-on training, at the system level, in the following fields of protective relaying:

  • Generator Protection
  • Transformer Protection
  • Induction Motor Protection

The 0.2-kW Protective Relaying Training System consists of several modules, which can be divided into five groups, as follow: Common Electrical Modules _ Power supply, synchronous generator, induction motor, prime mover / dynamometer, resistive loads, voltmeters, ammeters, and others. Most of these modules are part of the Lab- Volt 0.2 kW ElectroMechanical System (EMS), Model 8001 or 8006.Power System Modules, 3700 Series – Modules specially designed for training in the protective relaying area, including current transformers, voltage transformers, power transformers, source impedances, a transmission grid, and others. These modules are designed to be installed in the Lab-Volt EMS workstation. Refer to the Power System Modules section of this data sheet for a description of each module. Protective Relaying Control Station – A mobile rack for protective relay operation, including a DC power supply, DC control relays for system studies, and an interconnection panel to facilitate connectionof the protective relays to the system to be protected.