Mechanical Training System

The Lab-Volt Mechanical Training System, Model 46101, covers the installation, use, maintenance, and troubleshooting of mechanical drive components. The system is divided into five levels, and each level is further divided into specific topics which deal with the components encountered in the industry. The learning is based on practical, hands-on tasks. The list of industrial components includes pulleys, sprockets, gears, various types of belts, single- and multi-strand chains, several types of couplings, shafts, bearings, ball screws, clutches and brakes, and all the components required to assemble the proposed setups. Engineered for ease of use, the system comes with a universal steel base unit on which the students prepare the setups using T-slotted extrusion bars. This innovative design allows the base to be configured as required by the task. The universal base includes a disconnecting switch, current meter, the controls required to operate the motors and the electromagnetic clutch-brake unit. It also includes a Start/Stop push-button station for local or remote operation. The universal base can be installed on a regular table as well as on other optional Lab-Volt benches. The modularity of this system allows the development of training programs that meet the specific needs of your school. For example, this system can be integrated with other products in Lab-Volt’s Industrial Maintenance program, including rigging, pumps, piping, electronic devices, electrical wiring, power distribution, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electro-mechanical systems (EMS).