Hydraulics Training System

The Lab-Volt Hydraulics Training System, Model 6080, is a modular program in hydraulics and its applications. The system is divided into five subsystems: Hydraulics Fundamentals, Electrical Control of Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulics Applications – PLC (programmable logic controller), Troubleshooting Hydraulic Circuits, Servo Control of Hydraulic Systems, and Sensors. In Hydraulics Fundamentals, students are introduced to the basic principles and components of hydraulics. (This module is also available in a computer-based learning format with electronic grading.) Electrical Control of Hydraulic Systems covers electrical control of hydraulic systems with ladder diagrams. Hydraulics Applications – PLC expands upon the others with hydraulics applications controlled by PLCs. In Servo Control of Hydraulic Systems, students are introduced to servo-controlled hydraulic systems and their associated circuitry. In Troubleshooting Hydraulic Circuits, students develop their skills in troubleshooting. In Sensors, students are introduced to the operating characteristics of six types of photoelectric and proximity sensors. Most of the components used for electrical control of the Lab-Volt Hydraulics Training System are also intended to be used with the Lab-Volt Pneumatics Training System, Model 6081, allowing interconnection of both systems to perform more complete functions.