Heat Pump Training System

The Heat Pump Training System provides the necessary hardware and manuals to develop a solid understanding of typical domestic heat pumps.

It has clearly identified separate circuits connected through a four-way reversing valve to demonstrate the cooling and heating modes of operation. Timed automatic defrost as well as backup electric heating are also covered. Students will use manual and programmable thermostats to implement different scenarios in a plenum chamber. The trainer also includes indicator lights, test points, pressure gauges, and troubleshooting instrumentation.

Topic coverage

  • Trainer Familiarization
  • Manual Thermostat Operation
  • Electric Heating
  • Defrosting
  • Programmable Thermostat Operation
  • Troubleshooting

Main features

  • Blowers and ducting simulate distribution methods of heating and cooling
  • Several test points for troubleshooting exercises
  • Electric heat for secondary heating
  • Four-way reversing valve
  • Capillary-tube controls with check valves
  • Controls that include manual and programmable thermostats, fan/limit temperature sensor, high-pressure controller, low-pressure controller, and defrost timer
  • Control panel with multicolored electrical and tubing schematics and indicator lamps
  • Control panel that includes thermostat selection switch, manual thermostat heating mode selection, defrost time termination, and power switches