G4FD 1.6L GDI Engine Bench

The EM-140 G4FD engine performance trainer is a fully operational engine mounted on a mobile stand. Trainer is based on a 2012 and newer Kia Rio / Hyundai Accent 1.6L GDI engine. Trainer is easy to work on and all major components, wiring and connectors match OEM configuration. Trainer is mounted on a mobile stand constructed of 2” (5cm2) tubular steel equipped with four 5” (12.7cm) phenol casters (2-fixed and 2-swivel w/locks). Students can perform many NATEF related Engine Performance and Electrical/Electronic tasks using this trainer.


  • Trainer comes equipped with gasoline direct fuel injection, COP electronic ignition, EVAP system, CAN/BUS and ETC (electronic throttle control) and wide-band oxygen sensor
  • PCM breakout box with OEM terminal identification and wire colors for DMM and oscilloscope hookup
  • Fully functional OBDII DLC (Data Link Connector) for scan tool hookup

Educational Advantages:

  • Equipped with the latest in engine performance management systems to assist students in learning new technologies including:
    – Gasoline Direct Injection
    – Electronic Throttle Control
    – Wide-Band Oxygen sensor
    – Catalytic Converter
    – Variable Valve Timing
  • Use this awesome trainer to provide your students with the latest in vehicle diagnostic technologies
  • Demonstration of systems to groups of students without the access limitations of a complete vehicle
  • Engine systems respond to inserted faults with real world symptoms, OEM DTC’s and check engine light operation
  • Fully supports scan tool and oscilloscope diagnostic procedures

Standard Equipment:

  • G4FD GDI Engine (Kia Rio 2012+ and Hyundai Accent 2012+)
  • Mobile stand constructed of 2” (5cm2) tubular steel equipped with four 5” (12.7cm) phenol casters (2-fixed and 2-swivel w/locks)
  • Original instrument panel with cover protection
  • ECM/PCM breakout box
  • OBDII data link connector
  • Original power distribution center with circuit protection
  • Original fuel pump and sending unit
  • Safety guards covering all rotating components
  • Customized OEM exhaust system
  • Manual fault box for engine (EM-250)
  • Automatic regulated 12V battery charger (EM-1210)
  • Emergency stop button

Optional Equipment:

  • Electronic programmable fault box (52931G4FD)
  • Manual fault box for HVAC (52672)
  • Coolant flow sight glass (52910)
  • Protective instrument panel cover (52905)
  • Vinyl dust cover (24498-1)
  • Fork lift bars (52827-3)
  • Instrumentation display (53144)
  • Transport handle (53092)
  • Scan tool tray (53147)
  • A/C option (53157)
  • A/C system sight glasses w/H-Block (52998)
  • Secondary key for engine bench with programming (53150)