Basic water circuit system

Efficiency and economy are not only in demand in the water sector – Save time and money with the basic system. The basic water circuit system, comprising all necessary water supply and disposal stations which also function independently of one another.

Use in a control room
The students initially control the individual stations in manual override using a simulation box.

The included EasyPorts are then used to control and observe the stations via the control software.

One PC, to which all four EasyPorts are connected, controls the complete system.

For perfect classes
The workbooks with theory sections and exercise scenarios are perfectly customised for the stations and guarantee ideal class preparation.

The learning system components map real processes, making the exercises interesting and informative.

The basic system stations are fully assembled, wired and tested.

The water circuit basic system contains:

  • 1x Water treatment station
  • 1x Water supply station
  • 1x Wastewater transport station
  • 1x Wastewater treatment station
  • 1x Water supply tank/ground water including cables
  • 1x Additional chlorine measurement package
  • 1x Additional oxygen measurement package
  • 1x Digital/analogue simulation box, including cables
  • 4x EasyPorts including cables
  • 4x FluidLab®-EDS® Water Management Control Software
  • 4x DC watt meters

For single operation, a water supply tank/ground water (order no. 8024503) is required.

General training content

  • Controlling, regulating and monitoring physical variables such as levels, flows and pressure
  • Technical/physical functions of sensors and actuators as well as wiring, adjustment and parameterisation
  • Analysing controlled systems, parameterising and optimising regulators
  • System operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair
  • Plant engineering
  • Optimisation and energy monitoring
  • Electronic data processing

Learning content for project work

All training content of the individual stations apply. It is supplemented with the following training content:

  • Showing dependences in a water circuit
  • Increasing the degree of complexity by networking systems
  • Identifying interactions of hydraulic flow and delivery rate beyond the limits of the station
  • Getting to know the importance of different pressure zones in a water supply network

Technical data

  • Operating pressure: 4 – 6 bar (50 l/min)
  • Water (30 – 40 l)
  • Power supply: 24 V DC
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 2760 x 1150 x 400 mm

Recommended training media

EDS® Water Management Workbooks

  • Water Treatment
  • Water Supply
  • Wastewater Transport
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Monitoring, Control and Optimisation
  • Energy Optimisation
  • WBT Open- and Closed-Loop Control
  • WBT Process Automation

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