The CL-1991 Air Conditioning System Control trainer has been designed as a training aid to teach A/C system controllers. Because of its high versatility and its expansion capability, the CL-1991 allows the students to produce and explore a multitude of assemblies using a wide range of industrial components such as relays, detectors, pressure gauges, etc. Each module is held in place by a fastening device located at the top front of the Moduponent®. Electrical connections are 4mm flexible wire connectors and equivalent size terminals. Moreover, the user may keep up with the state-of-the-art technology by procuring the most recent components at a minimal cost. Manufacturer documentation is provided when available for each OEM component. Optional custom Moduponents® can be designed to meet your training needs.

Main Features

  • Permits the assembly and exploration of several A/C system controllers
  • Industrial-type components mounted on Moduponents®
  • Wall brackets available for assembling
  • Relays, detectors, pressure gauges and more

List of Components and Moduponents®

  • CL-1991-01 Temperature controller
  • CL-1991-02 Air pressure reducing valve
  • CL-1991-03 Pressure selector
  • CL-1991-04 Pressure limiter
  • CL-1991-05 Relay amplifier
  • CL-1991-06 Reverse current relay
  • CL-1991-07 Direct-acting air pressure thermostat
  • CL-1991-08 Reverse-acting air pressure thermostat
  • CL-1991-09 ON/OFF control air pressure relay
  • CL-1991-10 Capillary air pressure detector
  • CL-1991-11 Electro-pneumatic relay
  • CL-1991-12 Air temperature gauge
  • CL-1991-13 Air damper actuator (20-50 kPa)
  • CL-1991-14 Air damper actuator (35-70 kPa)
  • CL-1991-15 Air damper actuator (0-140 kPa)
  • CL-1991-16 Air actuator without positioning relay
  • CL-1991-17 One-input proportional air controller
  • CL-1991-18 Two-input proportional air controller
  • CL-1991-19 Air pressure gauge
  • CL-1991-20 Heater air valve
  • CL-1991-21 Proportional controller
  • CL-1991-22 Air temperature gauge (-40 à 160 °F) (-40 à 71 °C)
  • CL-1991-23 Air temperature gauge (25 à 125 °F) (-5 à 55 °C)
  • CL-1991-24 Three-orifice minimum positioning selector
  • CL-1991-25 T-couplings
  • CL-1991-26 Graduated-acting motor
  • CL-1991-27 Air line support
  • CL-1991-28 8m (25 ft) Air line
  • CL-1991-29 Limit controller
  • CL-1991-30 Solenoid valve
  • CL-1991-40 Wall bracket
  • CL 1041-02 Acrylic double board measuring
  • CL 1041-03 Acrylic triple board measuring