Advanced Hydraulics – eSeries

This site-license course bundle is intended to be used in conjunction with either the Hydraulics Training System, Series 6080, or the Hydraulics Simulation Software (LVSIM®-HYD), Model 6385. Advanced Hydraulics contains the following courses: Electrical Control of Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic Applications PLC, Servo Control of Hydraulic Systems, and Sensors, each of which has a pretest and posttest. Each course includes the topics covered in the book-based content and their related hands-on exercises. Exercise procedures are presented in enhanced PDF format. Completed exercises may be printed, saved to a specific location, and submitted (emailed) to the instructor. Exercise presentation of technical content is accompanied by voiceover narration to minimize the amount of on-screen reading.

Available Packages

  • 6386-1: Advanced Hydraulics – MindSight eSeries
  • 6386-2: Advanced Hydraulics – SCORM
  • 6386-3: Advanced Hydraulics – Stand-Alone