3D Printing

  • Altair 3 Pro
    Altair 3 Pro
    Ready to print with LOTS of materials? Altair 3 Pro has some awesome new features including a complete enclosure, flexplate for easy print removal...
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  • Afinia H800
    Afinia H800
    The new Afinia H800+ has a build area 5x larger (10 x 8 x 8 inches) than the H480, and has many additional enhancements:...
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  • Afinia H400
    Afinia H400
    The new Afinia H400 3D printer is the ultimate in affordability, reliability, and simplicity. It’s perfect for educators, hobbyists, and engineers who want to...
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  • Fablicator
    Built for the professional world at a price a startup or entrepreneurial tinkerer can afford. The Fablicator is a brand new 3D printer design, unlike...
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  • CAD + 3D Printing
    CAD + 3D Printing
    MODULE HIGHLIGHTS Apply the engineering design process to develop parts and products Create CAD drawings, technical illustrations, designs, models, and prototypes using SolidWorks software...
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